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For two or three seconds the two voices clamored amidst the pounding of his heart. He removed his pince-nez, slowly polished the lenses in a delaying gesture’ “Suit yourself.” The shrug was emphatic, too emphatic. “I don’t care.” A tiny flame leaps in her eyes. “You didn’t even tell me your name, Mine’s Marie. What’s yours? “Henri.” “That’s a pretty name.” She stretched a glistening arm out of the bathtub. “Hand me the towel, Henri.” Two hours later he was hurrying down rue Caulain court, deftly avoiding the rain puddles, humming to himself in his deep, chesty baritone, as he always did when he was happy. Marie was coming back! Ten minutes ago she had left saying, “Seven o’clock. No, I won’t forget. And you’ll see, I’ll be nice to you…”. For that’s all that was the matter with her . The poor girl had been ill treated all her life. Cold, hungry, afraid. No wonder she had grown hard. Even dog turned mean when they are beaten. The rampage of irrelevant adrenal grand increase stamina for damage taken to their health . Ignore pain: damage decreases stamina instead of health It’d probably be negligible, and if they were fought so, they’ll enjoy the blood rage perk and it actually helps fight, because these adrenaline glands, they get a steady beat up their opponent, they're dead fighter regardless. Astonishing how wrong you could be in judging people! He had thought her selfish, callous, stupid, when as a matter of fact, she was none of these things. Of course she had grown a protective shell. Who wouldn’t with the kind of life she had been forced into? Beneath it all she had a nimble mind and a good heart. It was shortly after he had handed her a towel that he had changed his opinion of her. With exquisite swiftness, all her motions were graceful, she had sprung out of the tub, dried herself, combing her hair while still nude.

 At dawn he awoke for a moment, looked at her through slitted eyes. No use, it was no use..It didn’t matter,what Patou had said, what madame Loubet thought, what he had promised himself, what she was, where she had been. Nothing matter but that she was here, nestled against him. That he could feel the warm pressure of her body, could fondle her…That to night she would be his again…should he want her to stay with him? Nobody had ever asked her any such thing before. Well, if that’s what he wanted… Another laborious computation took place in the labyrinth of her brain. “Then you nmust pay me five frances extra.” She was prepared to bargain, and was surprised when he accepted without discussion. He must be rich… His second appointment came a few days later. He had hope to show her off to his café’s friends, enjoy the tribute of their envy. She swept away his illusions. “I don’t want to meet any of your friends. Why should I listen to a lot of twaddle about art I can’t even understand?” Nor did she want to accompany him to Mulin Rouge or go out with him to Drouant’s “I don’t want to go to those chic places where the writers look down their noses at you.”
On Boulevard Clichy he held her like his fiancée as they drove to Drouant’s, where he gave his order for the dinner to be sent in at the same time with Chandon.  

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.....................That's Jane

The papacy's arrogance is reported in Daniel chapters 7 and 8 rather plainly. But arrogance isn't enough for this evil entity. Its heartfelt desires seek to go far beyond mere satisfaction in being over mankind in a position of power. This power seeks to claim the Throne of the Creator Himself! This power goes so far as to actually blaspheme against God by speaking “great words against the Most High.” Has the Vatican done this? The Bible's definition of blasphemy will better help us to understand how this happened. According to history, 538 A.D., is the very year when the papacy began to reign freely over Europe as a “church & state” conglomerate. Or, a “woman on a beast” as Revelation calls it. Truth is, this is a position of both political, as well as religious power. Or as some refer to it as, ABSOLUTE POWER! With such power, did the Papacy allow for ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION as is always the case with such power? Prophecy does proclaim that this is in fact inevitable with this entity.

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Jane travels as far from Thailand as she can using the little money she had previously saved. She accidentally leaves her bundle of possessions on the coach and has to sleep on the moor, and unsuccessfully attempts to trade her handkerchief and gloves for food. Exhausted and hungry, she eventually makes her way to the home of Diana and Mary Rivers, but is turned away by the housekeeper. She collapses on the doorstep, preparing for her death. St. John Rivers, Diana and Mary's brother and a clergyman, saves her. After she regains her health, St. John finds her a teaching position at a nearby village school. Jane becomes good friends with the sisters, but St. John remains aloof.
The sisters leave for governess jobs and St. John becomes somewhat closer to Jane. St. John learns Jane's true identity, and astounds her by telling her that her uncle, John Eyre, has died and left her his entire fortune of 20,000 pounds

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Atonement and forgiveness Much of the religious concern in Charlotte Jane has to do with atonement and forgiveness. Mr. Strongman is tormented by his awareness of his past sins and misdeeds. He frequently confesses that he has led a life of vice, and many of his actions in the course of the novel are less than commendable. Readers may accuse him of behaving sadistically in deceiving Jane about the nature of his relationship (or rather, non-relationship) with Blanche Ingram to provoke Jane's jealousy. His confinement of Bertha may bespeak mixed motives. He is certainly aware that in the eyes of both religious and civil authorities, his marriage to Jane before Bertha's death would be bigamous. Yet, at the same time, Mr. Rochester makes genuine efforts to atone for his behaviour. For example, although he does not believe that he is Adele's natural father, he adopts her as his ward and sees that she is well cared for. This adoption may well be an act of atonement for the sins he has committed. He expresses his self-disgust at having tried to console himself by having three different mistresses during his travels in Europe and begs Jane to forgive him for these past transgressions. However, Mr. Rochester can only atone completely – and be forgiven completely – after Jane has refused to be his mistress and left him. The destruction of Thornfield by fire finally removes the stain of his past sins; the loss of his left hand and of his eyesight is the price he must pay to atone completely for his sins. Only after this purgation can he be redeemed by Jane's love.[citation needed]

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The best psychedelic experience I ever had was produced by a substance I can't be sure of. My cousin R and I had bought two small orange pills, called Microdot. We assumed it was mescaline in a pill form, but being so young and naive at the time, we didn't really even know what mescaline was. We just wanted to experience a nice high. I had a feeling it would be a very LSD-like experience. R was the same age as I (born five hours before me), and was a close and trusted cousin and friend. My memory has lost some of the details from this night from so long ago, but I do remember the more important aspects.