Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The best psychedelic experience I ever had was produced by a substance I can't be sure of. My cousin R and I had bought two small orange pills, called Microdot. We assumed it was mescaline in a pill form, but being so young and naive at the time, we didn't really even know what mescaline was. We just wanted to experience a nice high. I had a feeling it would be a very LSD-like experience. R was the same age as I (born five hours before me), and was a close and trusted cousin and friend. My memory has lost some of the details from this night from so long ago, but I do remember the more important aspects.


  1. "Heureux celui qui lit et c qui attendent les paroles de la prophetie, et qui gar dent l chosesqui y sont crites! 'ar le temps est proche"

    "Heureux, who heaven and c the text, who will beware les paroles de la of the prophecy of, and they that they give to gar l obscured
    , who sharp thinking about the fate of guilt y!
    'There is a time ar le Prochorus "

  2. "Blessed is he who reads and those who expect the words of the prophecy, and keep those things
    that are subscribed!
    That time is near "

    "Heureux celui qui lit et ceux qui attendent les paroles de la prophetie, et qui gardent les choses
    qui y sont crites!
    C'est le temps est proche"